Does CBD tea have any beneficial effects?

Does CBD tea have any beneficial effects?

The effects of cannabidiol are now widely recognised and CBD products, such as organic CBD oil or CBD herbal teas, convince by the naturalness of their consumption pattern and the soothing effects they provide. Together we will take a look back over the hundreds of years that researchers have been working on the development of CBD products to finally arrive at the CBD products we consume today. CBD tea is one of them and its beneficial effects have been appreciated ever since hemp first aroused the interest of people suffering from stress, chronic pain or digestive disorders.

Hemp is one of the very first plant species to have been domesticated by man since the Neolithic era. The lack of knowledge at the time simply classified it as a magical plant. Smoked, sometimes burnt, it was mostly infused. Scientists have since been able to extract CBD from hemp and CBD teas provide all the natural benefits of the cannabinoid without the harmful effects of THC.

CBD tea has become fashionable and is in fact a traditional way of drinking tea to benefit from the effects of cannabinoids. It is also widely marketed as a blend, combined with other plants, fruits and sometimes even vegetables or flowers. These associations have two main interests: the first concerns taste, the second the benefits.

On its own, CBD extracted from hemp is relatively bitter, a little like hops, which also belongs to the same family. Combined with fruit or other plants traditionally used for infusions, such as linden or camomile, it becomes more pleasant to drink, with flavours that are sometimes fresh, sometimes gourmet, depending on individual tastes and the time of consumption.

The second advantage, and certainly the main one, is that the combination of CBD with other plant extracts allows you to take advantage of their complementary effects. Just like the hemp from which CBD is extracted, many plants have molecules capable of acting on our metabolism. By adding them to the CBD product, they can boost its beneficial effects, particularly on relaxation or stress reduction.

It should also be noted that adding milk to a CBD infusion promotes its effects on the body. Cannabinoids, of which CBD is a part, barely dissolve in water. However, they are fat-soluble, which means that fats promote their assimilation by the body. CBD infusions, by definition, consist of a mixture of hemp extract, other herbs and simmering water. The addition of fat during the preparation of the drink is therefore strongly recommended in order to optimise the effects of CBD. This can be your best organic CBD oil or any other high-fat ingredient you find in your cupboards. Milk (preferably whole milk), coconut oil or cocoa butter are all equally effective.




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