ELSE partners with marketplace CBD.FR

ELSE partners with marketplace CBD.FR

ELSE partners with CBD.FR

Today is a special day for ELSE officially launching a partnership with the leading marketplace in France "CBD.FR", specialized in the distribution of high quality hemp and CBD based products.

This pioneering marketplace, demanding and attentive to the smallest detail, offers on its portal the best CBD-based products "made in France".
The exponential demand for alternatives to prescription drugs and the benefits of CBD on health and environment were the triggers that led 2 passionate co-founders to create the CBD.FR website in 2017.

It is therefore quite naturally that ELSE and CBD.FR, sharing these common values, have joined forces to work together to expand their catalogue and offer new ranges of CBD-based products within the Food Supplements and Cosmetic categories of the marketplace.

The objective of this partnership will also be an opportunity to innovate in order to meet the growing demand of consumers looking for ever more sophisticated and effective products for their wellness.

 " Feel Good, Feel ELSE! "



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