Everything you need to know about CBD

Everything you need to know about CBD

It is not forbidden to treat yourself good.
CBD here, CBD there, these 3 letters are increasingly displayed on product labels, in our stores, on television. What is it about? Why this craze? We reveal everything about this natural product that is making the buzz all over the world, from stars, wellness, sports, cooking and beauty enthusiasts to some sick or suffering people, even our pets.

What is CBD ?

CBD, abbreviated to "Cannabidiol", is an active, non-psychoactive, non-addictive and non-toxic natural molecule extracted mainly from hemp. Oh, my God, do you think so, but is it a drug ? Is that against the law ? Well, no, no ! This natural substance, which does not induce any addiction and has no euphoric effect, is widespread and legal in most countries of the world. For example, it is allowed in France, Europe, the United States and Canada, as well as in many Asian countries. Its benefits are noteworthy, listed and approved by nutrition and health professionals around the world.

CBD, which is often found in the form of oil, food supplements, capsules or candies, spray liquid or cosmetics, meets the needs of consumers who seek well-being through natural products. It helps to reduce pain and inflammation, reduce anxiety and promote sleep, among other things.

Why this enthusiasm for CBD ?

Simply because CBD is a natural molecule that respects our body, its balance, and provides simple and effective solutions to some of our everyday problems.

Paradoxically, this substance, known since time immemorial, has only been the subject of scientific research for a limited period of time. It is so widely used that researchers are constantly finding new benefits and applications for it. Many people use it regularly to manage stress, insomnia or even pain.

Today, CBD has become a real trend, an inevitable consumer product. It comes in many forms and celebrities such as Drake, Kim Kardashian, Woopi Goldberg or Morgan Freeman who suffers from fibromyalgia swear by it !


What is the use of CBD ?

CBD does not lead to changes in perception or mood, dependence or hilarious or hilarious effects. Its regular use, even in small doses, can potentially help boost your immunity. It is also often cited for its anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective, anxiolytic, and can help treat sleep disorders.

For example, according to several recent studies*, CBD oil has shown particular promise as a treatment for both depression and anxiety, leading many people with these disorders to take an interest in this natural approach. CBD has also been shown to be effective in optimizing muscle recovery for athletes and people suffering from joint pain.

In response to this demand, various types of products containing CBD are now being created: food supplements, gourmet oils, massage oils, moisturizers, soaps, balms, e-liquids... and much more. They are used in the same way as conventional products without CBDs, and can safely be part of your daily facial, skin or hair care routine or your cooking habits or dietary supplements.

In short

CBD is non-psychotropic, it is a natural substance with effects described as effective and safe for many common health problems such as anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, acne, aches and pains... and it brings you an unequalled well-being on a daily basis, without addiction.
*PubMed Central, the US government's site for scientific research

The information and products presented on this site are not intended for medical use. Always seek the advice of a doctor if you have any questions about a health problem.


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