What is a CBD certificate of analysis?

What is a CBD certificate of analysis?

You know or have heard about the products at the CBD. But do you know what exactly a CBD certificate of analysis is and what it is used for? In this article we will reveal what you need to know about certificates of analysis and their usefulness to the consumer. Buying CBD-based products also means keeping up to date with the processes that have led to the production of a safe and effective product.

First of all - and as surprising as it may seem - be aware that not all manufacturers do this. This gives you an idea of their seriousness and the quality of their products. Because the mere fact that a company spends money and effort to obtain a certificate of analysis for its oil at the CBD for example and makes it public proves its commitment to integrity.

The certificate of analysis makes it possible to know the exact components of a product, to check whether they comply with legislation and to ensure that no unacceptable elements - even in minute quantities - are present.

When buying CBD oil, for example, check whether a certificate of analysis has been carried out. Companies that have nothing to hide make it available to the consumer. That said, having a certificate in your hands is one thing, but reading and interpreting it is another!

On a CBD certificate of analysis, you should find...

...CBD, of course! But the analysis must indicate the amount of CBD in a specific amount of the product, like a capsule. The percentage of THC must be clearly indicated, because THC and the inactive form of THC (THCA) will also have been calculated. As a reminder, for a product to be classified as hemp, the THC contained in that product must not exceed 0.02%. Some manufacturers will also calculate and display the terpene content.

But you shouldn't find them there...

Heavy metals such as arsenic, lead or mercury at more than 0.01 ppm. Also check for pesticides, salmonella, mold and mildew. Finally, make sure that the product does not contain solvents. The mention "conforms to USP 467" means that no solvents have been detected.

At first glance, certificates of analysis seem complex and difficult to decipher. But if you know what you need to find in them, they are finally quite understandable.

Remember what should and shouldn't be listed: CBD, THC and terpenes on the one hand, and solvents, contaminants, pesticides and metals on the other. If the analysis confirms the absence of these last four elements, do not hesitate to buy the product from the CBD!



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