What is CBD without THC ?

What is CBD without THC ?

We see CBD products labelled as THC-free flourishing everywhere. What does this mean exactly? Why is it worth mentioning it on CBD oil packaging? Does this mean that it is the best CBD oil? We will explain everything to you so that when you buy hemp oil containing CBD you are an informed consumer.

Just like CBD, THC is found in nature.

Every botanical extract contains a quantity of various elements that cohabit and interact to characterise the action of the product. Pharmaceutical laboratories isolate the molecule from a plant in order to be able to patent it. But in nature, the molecules as well as the vitamins, minerals, phytochemical compounds and all the other elements that make up food and oils act together in a synergistic manner.  

The desire to banish all traces of THC from a product with CBD is unwise. CBD oils, for example, contain trace amounts of THC and are in line with European legislation which allows 0.02% THC residues. It is the interaction of all the elements present that allows an action on the human organism.

By way of comparison, a CBD-dominant strain of marijuana can contain between 6 and 40% THC. The lowest amount of THC that can be found is 0.42%, but this is still higher than the 0.02% allowed in hemp-based products.  Therefore, these strains cannot be used to make full spectrum hemp oil.

CBD does not make you high

It is important to note that people who obtain CBD from legal marijuana, rather than hemp, consider strains containing up to 6% THC to be essentially non-psychoactive. This is because in a sense CBD completely neutralises the psychoactive effects of THC. The amount of residual THC allowed in full spectrum (or full-spectrum) CBD products is less than 0.02%.


Even if this amount had a psychoactive effect (which doesn't seem to be the case), it would be completely annihilated by the CBD.

The idea that we should remove all THC from our CBD products - even the virtually undetectable amount allowed by the government - stems from a bias between THC and CBD, with one being good and the other being bad.
In fact, it's all about synergy

Researchers studying the medical benefits of cannabis claim that the effects of THC and CBD go hand in hand. This is called the "entourage effect". The tiny amounts of aniseed THC that the other molecules in the extract boost the beneficial effects of CBD.

In short,

unlike THC, CBD does not make you high. The residual amount of THC found in full spectrum hemp oil has no psychotropic effect. Hemp oil containing full spectrum CBD provides physical and mental health benefits due to the synergistic activity of its various compounds: terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids, of which THC is one.


The information and products presented on this site are not intended for medical use. Always seek the advice of a doctor if you have any questions about a health problem.


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