Why CBD is good for digestion & immunity system

Why CBD is good for digestion & immunity system

Boost your digestion with CBD.

CBD is a natural molecule that supports the body's endocannabinoid system by rebalancing its biological functions, regulating sleep, immunity or digestion. For people with gastrointestinal disorders, this rebalancing tends to focus on inflammation of the intestine, large intestine and other organs of the digestive tract. Let's take a closer look at why CBD is the ideal dietary supplement.

The stomach, our second brain

Our brain and all our organs are connected to our intestines by a vast network of neurons and hormones that provide them with information such as hunger or stress. Are you under pressure? Your intestines feel it immediately. A series of physical and psychological discomforts follow, sometimes difficult to control. By focusing on the well-being of this central part of your anatomy you can reduce the side effects of stress, and it all starts with healthy nutrition and good digestion.

The effects of CBD on the digestive system

According to specialists, digestive function diseases, but also autoimmune diseases and even depression are complications due to inflammation of the gastrointestinal tissue*. A diet that is too high in sugar or low in fibre, a stressful lifestyle, little sports activity, and now the mucous membrane barrier of the intestines that serves to absorb the right nutrients is leaking! This permeability can have a significant impact on health, as it causes our entire body to lose particles that are essential to its proper functioning and balance. To avoid this, natural products such as CBD can give a boost to probiotic bacteria and the immune system of the intestinal mucosa.

Food products containing CBD

Experiments have shown that daily consumption of CBD ** helps to combat nausea, pain, stress and other symptoms resulting from an imbalance in digestive function.
CBD-based products come in different forms, making it easier to consume daily: drinks (infusion or soft drinks), sweets, gums, biscuits... But the most frequently used product is nevertheless CBD-based oil, which can easily be added cold to any culinary preparation. A few drops are enough, and the benefits are quickly felt.


In a nutshell,

A healthy diet, exercise and a daily intake of CBD help to restore a natural gastrointestinal balance and to take care of the intestinal flora.



* INSERM study on the intestinal microbiota (intestinal flora) " A serious lead to understand the origin of many diseases "

**Article «CBD Dosage: Figuring Out How Much to take » 


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