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" Feel Good, Feel ELSE "


Our priority: your wellness

ELSE is a French brand based in Paris, focused on the design, manufacture and supply of CBD (cannabidiol) based organic products in the following universes:

  • Cosmetics / Beauty
  • Gourmet
  • Food supplements
  • Wellness
  • Sport
  • Lifestyle

Our products are 100% of natural origin, derived from sustainable organic farming that respects the environment and ecosystems, with an emphasis and requirement placed on traceability, quality, good manufacturing practices and transparency of information provided to our users.

Science in the service of respect for life

The human species is the result of biological evolution over millions of years, during which the mechanisms of life have developed in symbiosis with each other. This respect for balance is at the heart of our approach.

We rely on science and apply it to natural compounds in order to respect life as a whole for a better balance of each individual.

Our teams of engineers and researchers specialising in the extraction of natural substances do their utmost to guarantee the incomparable quality of our products and optimal purity.

A sustainable commitment to citizenship

At ELSE, we strongly believe in universal values such as caring, inclusion, responsibility for our actions, openness, respect for others and progress through science in the service of humans.

Because we believe that economic actors play an essential role in structuring and animating the world in which we live, that their objective is not to accumulate wealth creation for the sole benefit of shareholders but to put it at the service of the ecosystem in which they belong to, ELSE adopts a sustainable, civic and participatory approach open to its users.

Passionate men and women

Behind ELSE is an association of entrepreneurs passionate about scientific progress with a focus on the natural world in the service of living beings, both human and animal.
Paul, Julie, Pierre, Caroline, Yann, Michel, Pierre C, Rodolphe and Nicolas have been interested for many years in alternative natural methods that respect the biological balance of species for global well-being, with a view to addressing the cause of imbalances and not only their consequences.

We love cannabidiol as much as you do, and remain at your disposal to guide you in your choices, your questions and your desires.